A small example of my retouching/editing





Just a bit of refinement. Photoshop plug-in mask, crop, and clone tool used.






I thought the pose warranted a film noir style, monochrome conversion. Lightroom conversion, Photoshop layer mask to blacken the background.







 Combining part of the sky in Anglesey and the  studio image of an actress. The resulting images was used for the cover of the playbill. I use Photoshop layers and masking for this kind of editing.






Photoshop plug-in mask, white balance adjustment, and a bit of levels.




Sometimes, the lighting isn't very convenient. I use Lightroom for this kind of adjustment. This was saved to a particular printhouses colour space for printing.




The image was just good enough, but needed to look a bit more threatening.

Took a few single images of the drones...

...and added them into the scene. This was a modern recreation of a famous, Hitchcock North by Northwest film still.

And then one I did for the actor, from another image of his run, just for fun...




Another studio image with an added background, an image of abbey ruins from North Wales.



Some ruggedness added, for a DJ's promotional images, using HDR.



A bit of diffuse glow, and a bit of clone/heal brush.





Another modern recreation of a famous image, this time if Marilyn was contemporary, and went for the tattooed look. The leg was 'tattoo printed' tights.





Another with just colour balance and lighting edited, for a decorators portfolio.





Changing of the eyes.





Some mainly, monochrome conversions.



Another with just a bit of adjustments to make it pop.



Many more examples are available if needed.